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About Chere

Chere Klein is a born and raised Ketchikan gal; a successful small business owner for 15 years; is married to Loren Enright; has raised two girls who are now attending the University of Alaska; and has been very active in many areas of our community.

In Chere’s work she has assisted businesses, individuals and state and federal agencies in regulatory compliance for permitting, as well as, helping on local and regional resource and business development efforts on behalf of small businesses and individuals.

“Over the past two years I’ve worked as Alaska State House Representative Peggy Wilson’s legislative staff in Ketchikan and Juneau. It’s been rewarding learning how the process really occurs in Juneau, working in the trenches to get bills moved through the legislature, and learning the necessary collaboration and negotiations required to actually be an effective representative for District 36 .”

Personal Background: Chere’s small business background and work experience is just about as diverse, unique and varied as any life-long Alaskan. She started, operated, and has carried out the day to day work of her own business for over 15 years. “I truly understand the challenges, long hours, hard work and regulatory frustration that small business owners face just to make ends meet”.

Her work experience includes construction, regulatory permitting, finance, health insurance, oilspill response, visitor industry, and now the Alaska legislature. “I think being raised in rural Alaska has given me the ability to relate to people from all walks of life.  I’ve had unique opportunities to learn and work quite a variety of jobs that have given me great experiences and I tend to be a “lets’ get to the facts”, no-nonsense type person who is willing to learn the issues to solve problems.  I am not afraid of hard work!

Just as so many other Southeast Alaska families, we have had to be flexible through the booms and busts of our economy and adapt to changes that have occurred here in Southeast.

“Like most Alaskans, I celebrate our independence, value our freedom and respect our differences.”

Community Involvements:

  • First City Rotary
  • Prior Ketchikan Chamber Transportation & Education Committees
  • Prior member of USFS Resource Advisory Committee representing industry
  • First City Republican Women
  • Ketchikan Lions Club
  • Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation Founders Circle
  • Ketchikan Community Foundation Founding Donor
  • Totem to Totem Race volunteer for 20 years
  • Prior Mud Bight Service Area Board member
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Dream Big volunteer
  • Ketchikan Youth Court volunteer
  • Prior Ketchikan Charter School APC Board member

Other Involvements:

  • NRA Member
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Resource Development Council Member

Interesting tidbits about Chere:

  • Alaska’s Top 40 Under 40 Award – Alaska Journal of Commerce
  • Started pursuing my private pilot license at age 14
  • Survived the infamous “Misty Fiords” Beaver airplane crash at age 14
  • I have a Class A commercial driver’s license, but gave up the explosives endorsement
  • My first job was selling vegetables and rhubarb in Ketchikan from the Klein family garden
  • Worked 3 jobs while attending evening college classes with 7 & 9 year old daughters
  • Rowed for 8 hours one day in Moser Bay  (possibly to avoid doing the dishes and homework)
  • Operate excavator and loader and am an expert in political sign waving
  • My fathers’ (Karl Klein) Kayhi drafting class named me when I was born
  • Ran a 14’ skiff and 3hp motor to pick up our weekly mail, and visit neighbors in Deep Bay and Loring when I was ten years old
  • Hershey’s Track state champion at an early age (my mother believes this was because I was trying to avoid my chores)